Permit Center

The City of South San Francisco has established a centrally located Permit Center for businesses, developers, and other permit applicants to obtain information and application materials for necessary permits and approvals as well as any assistance with business or governmental matters.

The Permit Center provides:
  • A public information counter where applicants can access counter staff representing principal permit departments to provide immediate reviews of permit applications and assistance in determining information required to complete permit application forms
  • Standardized application forms for all necessary permits
  • A single location for getting application materials, publications, brochures, and guidelines to explain the development-review process
  • Counter staff with the authority and ability to immediately sign off on minor, ministerial permits or licenses that require little or no review (e.g. roofing, placement of mechanical equipment, etc.)
  • A bulletin board to publicly post changes in fee structures, engineering requirements, zoning changes, and completion of studies
  • A single point to issue all permits and submit all fees required for permits and licenses
For those services not available at the Permit Center, referrals may be made to other State and regional agencies for assistance.

Permit Search

          Check the status of your plan check or inspection results.            
  • Search for permits, parcels, projects, and code enforcement cases.

The Planning Process

To learn about the planning process, view the Planning Flow Chart.