CPR Classes Offered

Pre-registration is required at 480 N Canal Street, South San Francisco, CA

 Adult Heart Saver
    Residents of South San Francisco - $15.00 Non-resident $100

 Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers
    Residents of South San Francisco - $15.00 Non-resident $100

Pediatric Heart Saver 
    $120 (both resident and non-resident)

Payment: Cash, check or Money Order.
Check payments: Please make checks or money orders out to “South San Francisco Fire Department”.

All classes start at 0900 hrs. to approximately 1400 hrs. on Saturdays and are taught in the SSF Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located at 490 N. Canal Street, SSF, CA 94080

Fore more information about our CPR Classes please email cpr@ssf.net